Used Cooking Oil Collector Biodiesel Manufacture

Artha Metro Oil is a company engaged in the oil, particularly used cooking oil. We collect used cooking oil, recycling it into biodiesel as a substitute for diesel fuel. In addition, we also sell Biodiesel and Glycerol as produced from used cooking oil that we collect. For more information you can click the link below to know more. We have two offices in Sidoarjo and one office in Jakarta, for more information about our office and contacts, feel free to check on our contact information below. (see map)

Used Cooking Oil

Used cooking oil is a material that may be underestimated by most of people. But you know that the used cooking oil is a raw material for Biodiesel which we produce. When most of people throw away used cooking oil, we actually processing it into biodiesel that can be used in life, one of the alternative energy sources for our lives.


Artha Metro Oil processes a broad range of used cooking oil or waste oil to be recycled into biodiesel that can be used again. Biodiesel is currently used in the industry or daily life, because Biodiesel is a processed oil products from oils that are not used anymore so there is an increasing demand for biodiesel. Because Biodiesel is ECO friendly, it means that if you use it, you are helping the environment which is reducing C02 emissions instead of using fossil fuels.

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Service - Used Cooking Oil Collector

Artha Metro Oil provides services to take waste oil or waste oil from your place to our place to be recycled into biodiesel that can be used again, recalling the case of waste is bad if they are carelessly discarded. Therefore, Artha Metro Oil will go to your place to take your waste to be processed again.

With the cooperation with us, you participate in the preservation of our environment because if the waste will no longer be biodiesel-ready for everyday purposes. We also had some space to accommodate how much waste you have from large tankers and small tankers. Everything is adjusted to your needs.

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Service - Biodiesel Manufacture

Artha Metro Oil producing biodiesel with high quality and friendly enviromental. Biodiesel or FAME (Fatty Acid Esters Metyl) is a fuel made from plant materials (in this case the used cooking oil) that has undergone a chemical process.

The benefits we get from using Biodiesel such as

  1. Biodiesel are the materials that can decompose. This makes Biodiesel as fuel that is friendly to the environment. And it is not dangerous to the health of humans and animals.
  2. Exhaust fumes of combustion of biodiesel have low level of CO2.

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About Us

Artha CV Metro Oil was established in 2006, Artha Metro Oil has a vision and mission to become a global company. We have offices and factory located in Sidoarjo and Tangerang. Our Head Office is located in Sidoarjo and one branch office in Tangerang, which in Sidoarjo is located in Komplek Pergudangan Meiko Abadi 1, blok C31-32, while in Tangerang are in Sentra Prima Techno Park Block E-05, to find out more further where our offices are, please look at the map on this website, there is a map of the location in Sidoarjo and Tangerang. Our engineering team has specialized in the processing of waste cooking oil. Our finished products are Biodiesel and Glycerin as by-product. As well as we also supply used cooking oil as a raw material. We currently serve customers in various parts of the world such as Europe, India, and Singapore.